Meet the Girls

North- Win

  • Fave books: The Lord of the Rings
  • Fave drink: Pimms
  • Fave random YouTube video: anything from Jenna Marbles
  • Fave anime: Black Butler
  • Fave band: it’s a tie between Iron Maiden and Lady Gaga
  • Fave person I want to see as a hologram: Garruk, just to see how immense he is

My name is Winona, but I like to start fresh everywhere I move with a new nickname, so for England it’s going to be Win. I was born in New England and moved every two or three years. I finished my English Literature degree at Arizona State University, tailoring it to suit my interests: creative writing and Medieval Literature. I am 21 as of 24 May. I am going to Durham University where I will study Medieval History. Read on for some info about Jac, my compatriot and the one who roped me into going to school in England…

South- Jac

  • Fave books: Pride and Prejudice when I’m feeling smart, the Sookie Stackhouse series when I’m feeling cheesy
  • Fave drink: Dark Beer
  • Fave random YouTube video: Gangnam Style
  • Fave anime: SAILOR MOON
  • Fave band: well now it’s PSY, obviously
  • Fave person I want to see as a hologram: Yoda, just to see how short he really is

Here is some basic info for you. My name is Jacqueline, but everyone calls me Jac. I am a born and raised SoCal girl and moved to Arizona when I was 16. I went to Arizona State University for Creative Writing; yes it’s a real major. I am 23, and my sign is Libra so try to figure out my birthday. I will be going to Queen Mary University of London, and will be majoring in Comparative Literature. There is a theme here, I do like books incase you couldn’t tell. That’s all the information you get now, you’ll have to follow the blog to know more….

United States (Alaska incl.) - Satellite image...

United States (Alaska incl.) – Satellite image – PlanetObserver (Photo credit: PlanetObserver)


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